The Light In The Darkness

It has been a very , very , long time full of much suffering with little to no information on what has been my mind/body nemesis for the better part of my adult life.

As of Tuesday September 29 2015 , I received the news I had previously begged the doctor to tell me. I really wasn’t fully conscious yet, just barely opened my eyes from the anesthetic slumber, but the doctor was right in my face trying to tell me the good news.

“We didn’t take the ovary out” she said . My eyes grew wider as she continued ” we couldn’t get to the cyst, you have adhesions on your intestines.” I felt my eyes bulging out as if I were a cartoon character. It didn’t sound good at all. I was confused and scared in an instant.I could barely speak -my muscles were still in a unresponsive state, I mumbled the best I could, “why”?

“You have endometriosis ” she said. Ahh! What a relief. A name for the pain. A title for the suffering. An excuse for the fatigue. That’s all I have been waiting for.It is the glorious light in the darkness.

Now waFeatured imageit a minute, it’s not what you think. I didn’t even know that was a possibility. But, at least I know what my disease is. I have it. IT ISN’T IN MY HEAD! I’m so glad I know what I’m fighting now. I can’t be depressed-not for one minute. That’s behind me. You can have the ovaries, and you can take the uterus Endo-I don’t need them.You win!